Our story - Toko


Toko’s name comes from ‘tokonoma’, a Japanese word that describes a special alcove for displaying art. These spaces were an essential element of traditional Japanese interior design, which emphasizes minimalism, versatility, and natural beauty.

Toko is an ode to those ideals — we believe your home should make you proud and keeping it organized should be fun. That’s why we set out to create a simple, beautiful, and functional way to cut through the clutter and organize all the things you love.


Hi! We’re Nick and Marianne. We’ve always had a passion for organization and design, but keeping our own house neat and tidy has been a challenge.

We searched everywhere for a well-designed way to organize the drawers in our home, but all we found were cheaply made products that didn’t fit or function the way we wanted. So we decided to create our own.


We worked through hundreds of sketches and dozens of prototypes to refine every part of the system and polish every detail.

This took us from cutting up plywood and welding wire in our garage to working with manufacturers on the other side of the world. We’ve been tireless in perfecting Toko.


The final design ended up even stronger than the original concept. We use Toko every day to help us stay organized and are excited to be able to share it!

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